We will make recommendations based on your particular situation.  Our recommendation will usually include a cash offer to buy your property "As Is" without asking you to pay real estate commissions, make repairs or jump through other hoops.  We will sometimes recommend that you consider listing the property on the MLS for maximum exposure.  If so, you'll still have our cash offer as a Plan B in case you don't receive a more attractive offer on a timeline that works for you.

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Take Control of Your Situation

Stop Foreclosure Proceedings

Let us help you pay off your loan, stop the skyrocketing fees and penalties, and end the fear, uncertainty, & doubt.

Achieve Closure for Inherited Property 

Achieve the peace of mind that comes with closure & with selling to a buyer known for beautiful restorations.    

Pull Cash Out of Your Rental Portfolio, Large or Small

Design your own exit strategy.  Sell them all now, or sell some now and some later.    ​

Convert Your Client's Non-Liquid Asset to Cash.

Bask in the glow of being the well-connected professional who got your client out of a bind.     

Are you behind on your mortgage?  Have you received a Notice of Default?

Is a bank wearing you down with endless automated phone lines & contacts who are difficult to contact? 

Have you inherited a house that needs repairs or that is located far from you?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the legal process of going through probate?  

Do you have rental property that you are ready to sell?

Are you ready to enjoy retirement & convert your rental portfolio into a truly passive income stream?

Are you a professional with a client who needs to sell a property quickly?

Is a non-liquid asset, like a house, making it more difficult for you to resolve a client's problem?   ​

We help homeowners solve problems by converting houses into cash. 

Call, text, email, or use our form to set up a no obligation, no pressure appointment for Laura & Mark to come view the property.  It typically takes us around 15-20 minutes to view the property, and we can usually get our recommendations to you within  a few hours of touring the property.

Suggestions or opinions?

Email you thoughts, or come see us in person.

Consider our recommendations

​​If we reach agreement on buying your property, you pick your closing date, come to the title company, sign, and pick up your money.  We can usually close within a few days, just as fast as the title company can clear title. 

River Trail Properties, LLC, Real Estate Investing, Little Rock, AR

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We buy & beautify houses in Central Arkansas

River Trail Properties, LLC, Real Estate Investing, Little Rock, AR

How The Process Works

You'll be amazed at the speed, ease, and convenience of selling to a cash buyer who is also a Realtor.