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River Trail Properties, LLC

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We buy & beautify houses in Central Arkansas

About Us

River Trail Properties  is a family-owned business with deep roots in Central Arkansas.  Central Arkansas can be a small world, so if we don't already know each other, we are probably a friend of a friend.  We have weathered some devastating personal, medical, and financial storms, have come through them stronger, and have amassed an unrivaled combination of skills, experiences, licenses, and resources to help others with real estate issues.  We've been there and want to help others weather those storms while avoiding the get rich quick predators who are so prevalent in the We Buy Houses arena.   

Laura and Mark met on the Arkansas River Trail, which helps explain our company name.  Our first date involved a deck rehab project at Laura's house, so it's only natural that we would start a home rehab business after we married.  We buy, rehab, sell, rent, and list a LOT of properties, so we know the retail, rental, and wholesale markets, we know the foreclosure and probate systems, and we know good subcontractors.    

Laura  is an accomplished Realtor with RE/MAX Elite who also volunteers with the Twentieth Century Club of Little Rock.  She may have gotten some of her discipline and drive from her father, who won multiple Top Gun awards as the best of the best fighter pilots. When an injury forced Laura to retire from a 17+ year dental hygiene practice, she knew it was time to pursue her passion for real estate.  She works with buyers and sellers regularly so knows what buyers want and how to pick and choose rehab projects in a cost effective manner.  She lists some of our properties before rehabs and some after rehabs, so she has unique insights into pricing a property for an "as is" sale or for a top dollar retail sale after a rehab.    

Mark  got his real estate license to help in the business and is the principal broker for River Trail Properties.  He is a registered patent attorney who serves as in-house counsel for a local company and who serves on the Board of the Big Dam Bridge Foundation.  Mark has a degree in chemical engineering and graduated first in his law school class, so it should come as no surprise that he works more on the analytical side of the business. He regularly reviews real estate, probate, and foreclosure records and proceedings, so he has unique insights into navigating the probate and foreclosure systems and into the technical aspects of deal structuring.

​If you would like to learn more about the speed, ease, and convenience of working with local cash buyers who are not only Realtors and a lawyer, but also probably a friend of a friend, please contact us.