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Are you frustrated with a bank that has spent years building a team and system designed to wear you down?  Are you angry and concerned about an unfair foreclosure process that is designed to sell your house at a fraction of its value?   

Your concerns are real.  We've heard a bank's own lawyer complain about the difficulty of getting information from them.  We've seen properties sell at courthouse auctions for a fraction of their value because of surprise payment rules that they don't share until it's too late.    

Fortunately, your research and instincts have led you to a team that has learned the system and who can help you avoid the traps.    

When time is short, there is NO substitute for a cash offer from an end buyer. 

We've weathered some nasty storms and understand what you are going through. We've gained the experience, gotten the licenses, and built the financial strength to help give you the best chance of success in weathering the storm and getting a fresh start.  Let us see if we can help you change your story from one of possibly losing your house to a bank for a fraction of its value to one of triumph in which you pay off your loan early and demand that the bank give you documentation showing that fact. 

Be forewarned that there are others who will try to convince you to take a riskier path.  There are travelling "gurus" out there teaching get-rich-quick schemes to underfunded folks with questionable credit.  Don't be fooled by the illegal "We Buy Houses" signs, the pushy neon postcard people, and the other high pressure, fast-talking wholesalers who are usually not end buyers, who often cannot afford to buy your house, and who will usually try to separate you from your house by doing just about anything except paying off the bank. 

Simple is better.  Simple is faster.  Simple is safer.  We are cash buyers, we are well funded, and we want to pay off your bank, get them off your back, and get you started on the next chapter of your life on a positive note.  We can't help, unless you take action.  Call, text, email, or click the button below and schedule an appointment to see if we can be of assistance.

Thank You & Best of Luck!    


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Foreclosures & Tax Sales

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same; 

from If, by Rudyard Kipling                                         

High Stakes, High Stress, Short Deadlines

Are you behind on your mortgage?  Have you received a Notice of Default or been served with a foreclosure lawsuit?  Are you at risk of losing your house at a rapidly approaching tax sale?  We may be able to help.

Trying to Keep Your House?  Help is Available, but You Must Act Fast

If you are trying to keep your house, consider seeking guidance from HUD-certified professionals.  Get more information on sources of assistance here.

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