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We buy & beautify houses in Central Arkansas

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Better Serve a Small Segment of Your Client Base 

Are you working with out-of-town heirs who don't want to get an inherited house ready for inspections, showings, or a retail listing? 

Do you have an investor with a rental portfolio, large or small, who is looking for a buyer with the financial strength to buy several properties at once? 

Do you have a client who is land-rich but cash-poor and who would benefit from quickly liquidating some real property? 

Are you concerned that your distressed seller might be duped by a predator with questionable credit who took a get-rich-quick class and put out a "We Buy Houses" sign or mailed a neon yellow postcard?  

Your clients occasionally find themselves in situations that are easier to get into than out of.   We would like to serve as a resource for well-connected professionals who know how to get a client out of a bind quickly and safely.  The numbers won't always work, but if they do, you know trusted professionals who are closers and who can deliver unrivaled speed, convenience, and peace of mind when it comes to converting a house into cash.

If you would like to visit more about how we might help you better serve a small segment of your client base or how we might serve as a back-up to your existing investor(s), please call, text, or email.