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Does the thought of working with an investor make you think of wasted time, endless showings, and countless lowball offers with little or no chance of success?  Would you like investor volume without the wasted time?

We both come from professional fields and are both licensed Realtors, so we recognize the value of your time and expertise and will never ask you to show us a property.  We can do as much of the paperwork as you like and can even return your sign and Supra lock after the deal closes.  We would rather find deals than commissions, so if you bring us an off market opportunity or motivated seller, we will gladly let you keep both sides of the commission.    

We are cash buyers so can close fast without the delays or worries of underwriting or appraisals.  We expect to make substantial repairs and include it in our budget and offer, so inspections are to protect us from big things that we may have missed and not an opportunity to try to squeeze a few more dollars out of the deal.     

Our ideal flip house is in a nicer area of Benton, Bryant, Little Rock, Maumelle, North Little Rock, or Sherwood with an After Repair Value of around $175,000 - $275,000 that we can acquire and rehab for around $125,000 - $225,000. 

We will absolutely consider other types of properties as long as there are appropriate margins. 

We buy at investor pricing, not owner/occupant pricing, so we will not be a good fit for many of your clients.  We buy most of our houses at foreclosure auctions and stick pretty closely to the "70% Rule" for investors.  Where we can bring value is for a small segment of your client base which has special needs.  If your client is a motivated seller who needs a fast closing date, has a problem with deferred maintenance, or just doesn't want to put the time, money, and energy into rehabbing or updating a distressed property, your client might be grateful to have another option. Think of us as another tool in your arsenal to help you better serve a diverse client base.  

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